- Epic Quest: A quest with many episodes happening over several months. A large plot exists with much supporting background information.
- Major Quest: A few quest events tied together over a few weeks to meet a primary objective.
- Involved Quest: A single quest event with detailed preparation and execution.
- Adventure Quest: A single adventure-oriented quest event usually starting at gatherings.
- Random Quest: A quest event on the spur of the moment, anywhere, anytime.
- Random Sighting: Randomly conversing or witnessing a very small episode with The Gatekeeper or another quest character.
- Information: A sighting giving information to clarify, summarize, or state something.

Many Gatekeeper sightings and quests are listed here. "News" articles are linked to external sites.

Date Start Location Quest Type Comments
Nov 15, 2004 PaxLair, Felucca and Tea House, Tokuno Adventure Quest The Gatekeeper appeared at the PaxLair Towne Hall at the end of the weekly PaxLair meeting and wailed that a fissure between the Underworld and the Realm had opened once more! Quickly, people gathered and traveled to Skara Brae with The Gatekeeper. There, they met Orike Munra again who traveled a long distance from Zento to help those who helped him a few days earlier. And someone else appeared. Not just The Gatekeeper, but also a gatekeeper! Now there were two of them! It was explained a special weapon had to be forged from ore from the Covetous Dungeon. There were no miners or blacksmiths in the group, yet being at a bank, one might be found. The group asked around and found one named "smithy" willing to go with them. Soon the group went to Covetous amidst peril and obtained verite ore. Then, they went to the Orc Dungeon and again amidst peril, forged a great verite katana! The Gatekeepers led them to Homare-jima and the Field of Echos where part of the fissure existed. With some deaths, the group succeeded in sealing that portion of the fissure. But they were soon led to the PaxLair Tea House in Tokuno where they saw a strange ruin or construction. At The Gatekeeper's command, they placed the verite katana within the structure and sealed the main fissure!
Nov 12, 2004 PaxLair Tea House, Tokuno Adventure Quest The Gatekeeper appeared at the PaxLair Tea House and several people gathered. Soon, the party went to Zento and met Orike Munra. There, Orike said he was very concerned that his niece, Reiku, was kidnapped and taken to a dungeon guarded by fandancers. Soon, they left for Fandancer Dojo. After much battle and searching, they found the ghost of Reiku at the lowest levels, protected by a Lord of the Abyss! They used three Mantras ["Shakat", "Mirkat", "Yungtat"] The Gatekeeper gave them to resurrect the lady. But she was not well. Her soul was still taken by the Evil! She wanted to die, did a few times, but soon the party got her out of the dungeon alive. Upon returning to Orike Munra, the party was sent to an old monk Teneshi Kano at a house just south of Mt Shu. There, the monke performed a ritual cleansing her soul back to her body. Orike Munra and his niece Reiku were reunited and the party escorted them back to Zento.
Oct 30, 2004 Gate to The Underworld Random Sighting While resting at The Gate, several people arrived at The Gate to The Underworld. They were Bendor, Mass.D, Rylan Kaer'son, and Lord ABRACADABRA. The Gatekeeper showed them around the building and explained how Rita, The Gatekeeper's messenger, usually has news of The Gatekeeper's quests about 3 days in advance. Rita, though, does not have knowledge of other quests in the Realm, like the ones at the Office of Myrina Heron. Also, previously, Jennings found him at The Gate and they talked about the attacks at Myrina's office.
Oct 30, 2004 Office of Myrina Heron, Britain, Trammel Random Sighting Again, sensing a strange imbalance of good and evil, The Gatekeeper arrived in Britain. He followed the ripples of evil flowing in the city and came to a famous building. There, two black trees created evil moans while many people gathered. The area was completely unbalanced to the good side with more than 50 seemingly good people. Suddenly, several waves of evil appeared outside the building apparently in an attempt to offset this imbalance. There were many deaths, but eventually the good overtook the evil. The Gatekeeper watched and talked to several people, some who thought he caused the evil to come forth. The Gatekeeper did not cause this phenomenon and only observed the effects of the imbalance. Later, he let Valtos the Void through The Gate and both watched the carnage. Valtos had a glimmer of hope in his eye for evil to succeed.
Oct 25, 2004 PaxLair, Felucca Random Sighting After a long stretch of time in the Underworld, The Gatekeeper sensed a large gathering in PaxLair. He went to investigate and found many of evil nature and some good. The balance shifted in PaxLair for some reason. He found a massive tournament of fighters underway known as the Pankration, Myaloium, and Oploium. There were many deaths inside the arenas and only a few outside. Ed McManus officiated the tournament with many CHAMPS and other guildmembers fighting. Eli, a PaxLair craftsman created stools for the audience while Fawne Goldynhart wrote news in her parchment. The Gatekeeper was amazed at all this and primarily stayed in the shadows.
Aug 7, 2004 West Britain Bank, Trammel Random Quest The Gatekeeper arrived at a bank and met a great leader "Slaughter House" who gathered the largest number of people The Gatekeeper had ever seen to combat the Fissures created by Valtos the Void. This true leader assembled a mighty team, a flower, and two dragon tamers, Tam Tam and Wyvirn Wyndblade... for Valtos was able to re-create his Fissues once again from the week before. These Fissures started in Ice Dungeon and led to the Ophidian Lair. Tam Tam and Wyvirn WyndBlade were key in taming dragons whose names were "Red" in this quest against Valtos. The team, led by Slaughter House, was able to close all the fissures that Valtos created. At the end, Valtos appeared and acknowledged defeat for the time being. He swore to come back with more powerful fissures into the Realm. Team members received a powerful mantra to be used in future quests against Valtos. Only those recorded may use the Mantra against Valtos. Those team members were: slaughter house, artemis, platypus, valdimort, hiatchi, tam tam, Arkol, mariner, kandi, wyvirn wyndblade, firestorm, nastasia, and mogwah. The Mantra received was "KHE".
Aug 5, 2004 Gate to The Underworld Adventure Quest Snoopy of ATD arrived at The Gate along with around 7 others. Last week, The Gatekeeper was unable to determine the nature of disturbances. This week, it knew of one important fissure. Snoopy had the team get a plant then went to the Rat Fort in Ice Dungeon. They dominated the fort and placed the plant for The Gatekeeper to see. The Gatekeeper told them a second fissure was in the Cove Orc Fort; then after that, a third in the desert Ohpidian Lair. Finally, a fourth fissure was in Destard where the key was a dragon. Reas tamed a dragon and determined its name was Vithrax. Vithrax was able to close the fissure and all returned to The Gate to The Underworld. There they encountered Valtos who appeared in a blast of flames. Valtos said his week long plan of four simultaneous fissures was thwarted but he would be back more poweful. He noted Snoopy into his evil "ledger" for later reference. Snoopy took the mighty plant and placed it in Dragon's Watch. Rea took the fissure-sealing dragon Vithrax to a safe stable.
Jul 29, 2004 Gate to The Underworld Random Sighting The Gatekeeper was sitting at its forge at The Gate when a party arrived. It was concentrating on the vessels and lava. It appeared confused. When the party asked what the problem was, The Gatekeeper could only say that something strange was happening and could not clearly see the problem. The party left while The Gatekeeper stayed to solve whatever problem it sensed.
Jul 27, 2004 PaxLair, Felucca Random Sighting The Gatekeeper was seen in PaxLair. It observed fighting between evil and evil with some good in the mix. It also saw some people sitting on the lawn not being attacked, and at other times attacked. It wondered why such dynamics occured in PaxLair and said it was thinking of a different assessment to gain insight. It also met a master carpenter, Eli, who impressed The Gatekeeper with his talents for making wooden goods. This might be a very useful ability for closing fissures or combatting good or evil if goods are made from the right trees.
Jul 26, 2004 Red Wolf Cafe, Trammel Major Quest 2nd Power of The Lady: A team came to The Gate to The Underworld after the Red Wolf Cafe Summer Triathlon event seeking to define the second power of the Lady. Mr. Pick was leader this time and Dizzy was an archmage who determined the courses of action. Based on questions from The Gatekeeper, they found the Second Power is that of the archane arts of Magery. The team sought out a brown-robed mage at the Encyclopedia Magicka in Moonglow who told them three tasks and gave Dizzy a pouch of 150 reagents each for the Lady. The team marked runes at a place of peace for meditation (Spirituality Shrine), a place of great magical power (Wind), and a place of great peril requiring mages (Deamon Temple on Fire Isle). They had to defeat the evil at the Deamon Temple to demonstrate the team's worthiness and the power of the Temple. They then returned to The Gate to The Underworld where The Gatekeeper placed their items near the altar on the second floor: the Runebook created and marked by Dizzy with the runes, the pouch of reagents, and a book of the questors' names. The team leader, Mr. Pick, then gave a moving speech to solidify the Second Power. For the future, The Gatekeeper told them the 3rd power would be much more difficult, probably requiring more than one team leader to accomplish. Oh, by the way, the team coined a title for the Lady: "The Lady of Light".
Jul 25, 2004 PaxLair, Felucca Random Quest The Gatekeeper arrived in PaxLair researching how it might best assess evil and good in the Realm. It met Augustus, Tara, and Randwulf. A concept developed to test the nature and balance of evil and good in the PaxLair arena. The Gatekeeper tried different strategies to come up with a working method. After that, they went to the PaxLair Saloon, then to the Lich Ruins where the team killed 10 lichs and more. Upon returning to PaxLair, they assembled and visited The Gate to The Underworld. The team received the Mantra "CHO". Much later, The Gatekeeper returned to PaxLair and Army of Thieves people took on single and double duels. Results: Good 4, Evil 2. (News)
Jul 22, 2004 West Britain Bank, Trammel Random Quest PJRoses and Brooke DeWynter led a team to the City of Montor, near the Chaos Gate in Ilshenar. They fought beasts in Montor and killed the Ancient Wyrm nearby. PJRoses then gave a moving speech at the Dragon Room in Montor. The team received the Mantra "CAE".
Jul 22, 2004 PaxLair, Felucca Adventure Quest Cross MacLeod, Braden Mason, and Jasper were drawn to test their abilities against evil. After first visiting Haven, the old town on Felucca, their Paladin and Knight abilities vanquished mages and lichs in Fire Dungeon and an Ancient Wyrm.
Jul 19, 2004 Red Wolf Cafe, Trammel Major Quest 1st Power of The Lady: Questors arrived at The Gate to The Underworld and shown a new altar on the second floor. Tancred Redstar was elected by the questors as their team leader. Xotche of Meade was selected as the musician and Sweet Dreams as the tamer of dragons. The questors ventured to dungeons to create the 1st Power of a Lady, who should arrive at The Gate in the next few weeks. The questors controlled and defeated Dragons, Shadow Wyrms, Serpentine Dragons, and Skeletal Dragons. The questors brought back an Orc Slayer tamborine, used in the battles, giving the future Lady the power over Dragons and Orcs. A book of the questors and the tamborine are on the new altar. (News)
Jul 18, 2004 Gate to The Underworld Random Quest Magni [ATD] and Kara [*V*] arrived at The Gate, met The Gatekeeper, then ventured to Wrong to destroy an evil, powerful Controller massing Golems. They followed a path from Overseers, Juka Lords and Mages, Golems, and finally to the key Controller. They achieved the Mantra "SEL". Kara was given a Golden Box to assess the balance at the Red Wolf Cafe.
Jul 12, 2004 Gate to The Underworld Random Sighting People of PaxLair visited The Gate to The Underworld and met Valtos The Void on his altar on the first floor. Valtos was hiding from The Gatekeeper, who was somewhere else. But Valtos was also trapped at The Gate, unable to leave without The Gatekeeper opening the Gate. He did not desire to leave just yet, and vanished after warning people to not disturb his boat outside.
Jul 8, 2004 PaxLair, Felucca Adventure Quest Adventurers were challenged to learn about the balance between good and evil. Their party was assessed by The Gatekeeper to be mostly good with one evil person. They were asked where recurring evil existed and there were many responses. They then had to defeat evil in a location of their choice. While on that quest, they determined they would show more power by taming a dragon. The evil member of the group, Zog, then spoke to the dragon and learned its name was Methusela. Methusela is now stabled at the PaxLair stables in the care of Lord Tim [G^V]. PaxLair was also given a Golden Box to assess the balance in PaxLair. The box is located on the step of the Underworld Outpost in front of the two towers.
Jul 5, 2004 Red Wolf Cafe, Trammel Involved Quest Dinner in a Dungeon: Many adventurers brought Jon the Cook to Dungeon Wrong. A major fissure from the Underworld existed and was defeated by the group. The group protected the chef, who made food in the Wrong kitchen, and then served dinner for the people. They elected Tancred Redstar to give a speech at the banquet, which caused the fissure to completely close, for now. (News)
Jun 28, 2004 PaxLair, Felucca Involved Quest Raising The Gate: After PaxLair's weekly meeting, people gathered torches at The Gatekeeper's request, met in Yew, and sailed to specific coordinates. There they put torches around a dirt area on the ground, uttered many Mantras of previous quests causing The Gatekeeper to utter a new Mantra "UNWA". The ground shook and The Gate to The Underworld came up from the ground. They also saw Valtos The Void park his boat at The Gate and run inside. An account of this event is in a book at The Gate to The Underworld. (News)
Jun 19, 2004 PaxLair, Felucca Adventure Quest As part of the Chesapeake Summer Festival, The Gatekeeper led a simple quest to the River Ru in the Lost Lands. Valtos The Void was found at the edge of the water and was shocked by the party's sudden appearance. After the people said the formerly achieved Mantra "TRUR", Valtos was compelled to tell them his plan about the Ancient Wyrms. Immediately, the party found the Ancient Wyrms, combatted each in teams of three, received a new Mantra "FUNR", and returned to the River Ru. Valtos was shocked to see them survive and with the new mantra spoken to him, Valtos The Void vanished into thin air. Artifacts from the quest were then stored in PaxLair's Paladin's Tower Artifact Vault. (News)
Jun 3, 2004 PaxLair, Felucca Adventure Quest A team followed The Gatekeeper's bidding to travel to a mysterious place where only mages could enter, using the spell words "Rel Por". There, they fought an ancient wyrm. Those who did not understand those spell words fought a huge horde of Liche Lords at another location. Later, both teams arrived at the Delucia Paladin's Tower and found the evil Valtos The Void cackling about how he now has Ancient Wyrms in his army. Both teams headed to an Ancient Wyrm lair near the Chaos Gate in Ilshenar, where only 4-person groups could fight the Ancient at a time. All teams were successful and everyong earned the mantra: "TRUR". Names of the adventurers were recorded in the "Underworld Scrolls". (News1, News2)
May 17, 2004 Red Wolf Cafe, Trammel Information Red Wolf Cafe held a looting hunt for daggers in towns. The winners held many daggers and won prizes. At the end, The Gatekeeper appeared and stated that the dagger-holders may be needed for a future problem in the Realm. It uttered another mantra: "ZESM" that will likely be needed with the people and daggers. The dagger-holders were Masamune, Xotche of Meade, and Yanni. Some others found colored daggers too. (News)
May 3, 2004 Red Wolf Cafe, Trammel Adventure Quest After a fashion show, people at the Red Wolf Cafe willingly took their birds chickens to Dungeon Shame to seal a fissure from the Underworld. Their pets had to remain alive and enter with them into the deadly Red Mage towers. Separate teams succeeded, thus sealing the fissure. (News)
Mar 25, 2004 PaxLair, Felucca Adventure Quest An adventure group fought their way to the bottom of Deceit where they earned two new Mantras: "SIL" and "SILM". SILM is an enhancement of SIL due to the extra achievements of the group. (News)
Mar 18, 2004 PaxLair, Felucca Random Sighting PaxLair adventurers tossed nets off a dock in Buccaneer's Den and were visited by a wandering scribe. The scribe finished writing a book about "Strange Shifting" just as someone said they saw The Gatekeeper pass near the water. In the book were some powerful words, including a phrase: "Atra Sopor". (News)
Mar 4, 2004 PaxLair, Felucca Involved Quest Serpent Pillar: The Gatekeeper instructed a party to sail to a Serpent Pillar and drop three nets into the water. Then to also speak the Mantra "RUL", fight the monsters, recover a trinket, and return. Discovering an ancient map, the party went to Ice Dungeon, combatted evil, and ended up at an old Library in the Dungeon. There, they learned a new Mantra: "LRU". (News)
Jan 19, 2004 PaxLair, Felucca Involved Quest Water of the Spring: (PaxLair's 6th Anniversary day) The Gatekeeper, summoned through the water of the Spring of Courage in PaxLair, revealed the beautiful Lady of the Spring... inside the Spring! The group met Sintul at the Lycaeum, tamed a dragon for courage, fought terathons at their keep, and obtained pure water from a waterfall. All this restored the Spring of Courage. The Lady presented the people with "Rose of the Spring", now on display in the PaxLair Town Hall. (News1, News2)
Jan 5, 2004 Red Wolf Cafe, Trammel Involved Quest Knowledge of the Shaman: Gallant adventurers had to win the respect of a stranger known as the Shaman. The GateKeeper indicated that the Shaman was to be found in "the kirin landscape" which was deduced to be to the northwest of the Juka city of Mistas. The Shaman would only appear once the party had proven itself by completing a number of tasks. The adventurers defeated Juka Lords, a Skeletal Dragon, ten Earth and Poison Elementals, and answered pointed questions from the Shaman. Successfully, the adventurers received the more powerful Mantra "SURA". (News)
Dec 1, 2003 Red Wolf Cafe, Trammel Involved Quest Mantras Found: The Gatekeeper offered to all those present an opportunity to gain knowledge of ancient and powerful words, or Mantras. The first Mantra was obtained by defeating 15 blood elementals. The Mantra was "MUR". The second came after defeating five succubi. Mantra: "DUL". The team was offered the change to enhance the second Mantra by traveling to the ruins of Montor and slaying five each of balrons and succubi. The enhanced Mantra: "DULM". (News)
Nov 20, 2003 PaxLair, Felucca Adventure Quest The Gatekeeper instructed the team to bring back artifacts from two dungeons, one showing magic and one showing strength. The team went to the Temple of Knowledge and fought Blood Elementals, packs of Hellhounds, Elder Gazers, and the Corruptor of Souls, but did not complete their task. There were many deaths within the team. (News)
Nov 13, 2003 PaxLair, Felucca Involved Quest Gatekeeper Gains Power: The Gatekeeper visited PaxLair and uttered "OoOooO BoOOw, ooOoSoOhoieldoooOo, SOooOtOoaffOoo", while the adventurers prepared for a treasure hunt. They courageously obtained a bow, shield, and staff from the dug-up treasure chests and returned to The Gatekeeper. It then indicated a resurrection spell needed to be place on it. With that done, The Gatekeeper said "you no longer need such skills to hear me clearly" refering to mortal chanting. The items were placed in Zog's home in Malas. (News)
Nov 4, 2003 Serpent's Hold, Trammel Involved Quest Missing Daughter; A Worthy Party: At the end of the Chesapeake Events Group meeting, a blind, distraught man appeared in the Dog and Lion Pub quiely drinking an ale. The group asked the man of his problem and he said he lost his daughter. The group received clues and ventured to the Gwenno Memorial in Ilshenar. They fought in different places, found the daughter, and returned her to her very grateful father. (News1, News2)
Jan 19, 2003 PaxLair, Felucca Involved Quest Search for Sintul: At the 5th anniversary of PaxLair, The Gatekeeper stated the need to find someone looking for Justice. The party tried the Yew Courthouse, then the Justice Shrine. There they found Aaron who told them his daughter, Sintul, was abducted by an evil man. Sintul was found in a camp of Valtos The Void. Valtos was slain and Sintul freed. Aaron had a book entitled "Spring of Death" and other books were found about how to summon The Gatekeeper. (News)
Dec 4, 2002 PaxLair, Felucca Random Sighting Wizzie encountered the recipe for a "Bat's Eye Potion". The potion cures others of a specific illness enabled with a powerful Mantra "DURN". A very old mage created the recipe. So far, it has not been tried. (News)
Mar 4, 2002 PaxLair, Felucca Involved Quest Explorations, and the Continuing Corruption of Valtos: Valtos The Void imprisoned The Gatekeeper in an ancient Tome of Gazer flesh and rare gems. At Luigi's Pizzeria, people created a special chant that mystically drove the book from Valtos' hands, it burst into flames, and The Gatekeeper was released. Champions of the town Casandreal joined forces in PaxLair, which all went to Ilshenar to defeat Valtos' evil in Terort Skitas.(News: search UO Stratics)
Feb 7, 2002 PaxLair, Felucca Involved Quest A Man of Darkness: Adventurers met Valtos The Void at the Lycaeum. They learned and used new Mantras "MUH", "REH", and "SEH" to get Valtos to reveal where he created evil in the land. They found the evil in Fire Dungeon and Shame, defeated it, and stopped Valtos' plan of destruction; at least for a time.(News)
Feb 4, 2002 PaxLair, Felucca Adventure Quest The Gatekeeper sent adventurers to kill Titans in the deserts north of Papua. There they achieved a fifth Mantra of Cleansing: "FRU". The other four are CRU, RUC, MUH, and FRA. (News)
The Maid Epic Quest was put on hold. It could still re-start at any time.
Jul 15, 2001 Shadowcove, Felucca Epic Quest The Maid: Queen Morgaine, Celeste Lunari, Lord Panzram, Maximus, the Queen's guard, and Taliesan met The Gatekeeper, ventured to Yew, and found a book and map about Lontish, and old ruined city. Claudio joined them as they searched for information about a Maid. They met a carpenter Jacque who had a book about the prophecy of the coming of The Maid. (News)
Jul 14, 2001 Mythndale, Trammel Epic Quest The Maid: Xaziel Cresgrave and Blaise, a faere from Mythndale, met The Gatekeeper who asked "Do you wish to know about The Maid?". They found a map and book in Yew and then the old city of Lontish. Later, they traveled to Mythndale's sister city of PaxLair where Winfield and Stormchaser were in Luigi's Pizzeria. The Gatekeeper revealed more about The Maid. (News)
Jul 5, 2001 PaxLair, Felucca Epic Quest The Maid: The PaxLair adventure group headed to Daggar Isle where they built an altar with strange barbarian herbs. The Gatekeeper appeared during the altar ritual and revealed much. A portal will open for The Maid and to aid in the task, the group would need the words of power: "Mantu Alesh Inda Dom". (News)
Jun 20, 2001 PaxLair, Felucca Epic Quest The Maid: Starting at Luigi's Pizzeria, the adventure group traveled to Trinsic where The Gatekeeper appeared in a pillar of fire. It stated the group must tame a red female dragon in Destard and bring it back. After succeeding in that, the group returned to Trinsic where The Gatekeeper explained about "Mylanth, the lady dragon" and that she was sister of a Black Dragon who knew someone named "Haden Ventri". Also, Lady Mylanth would be needed to aid in the coming of The Maid. (News1, News2)
Jun 13, 2001 PaxLair, Felucca Epic Quest The Maid: PaxLair adventurers met The Gatekeeper at Luigi's Pizzeria and went to Papua, the jungle, the desert, and finally to the Lighthouse. There they discovered an old book. The Gatekeeper later mentioned prophecies, clues, rebirth of Nobility, and an innocent being with hair of gold who must be taught by a Holy Man. (News)
Jun 6, 2001 PaxLair, Felucca Epic Quest The Maid: The Gatekeeper appeared and said, "A girl shall step through the door and enter the realm. You will not know her for some time. Then she will be known by her actions and visions. You will come to know her as the MAID. She will come to lead those who would follow. She will present the people with a noble of the realm in the end. Bear in mind a prophecy has many paths to reach its end. The time to travel such paths is unknown for now. Signs will happen in the days and months ahead." After that, The Gatekeeper vanished. (News)
Feb 17, 2001 PaxLair, Felucca Involved Event Mayor Don Martin of PaxLair: The Gatekeeper appeared at the official ceremony of the changing of the Mayor from Winfield to Don Martin. Don Martin journied with The Gatekeeper prior to his ceremony. Two Gatekeepers arrived with Don Martin. Mayor Winfield asked The Gatekeeper if it approved of Don Martin's appointment. The Gatekeeper nodded. (News)
Sep 25, 2000 PaxLair, Felucca Random Sighting The Gatekeeper has much information about the Old Knight. Winfield, Mayor of PaxLair, was invited to The Underworld by The Gatekeeper where he learned the Old Knight was resident in the City of Camelot, in the same area of PaxLair but on Trammel. Later, Winfield and Atlas, Keeper of the Flame [O*F], found the Old Knight in Camelot. The Old Knight spoke of his interest in the Knights of Avalon. (News)
Aug 26, 2000 Humility, Felucca Random Sighting A fierce battle ensued in Humility leading to the death of Mayor Winfield of PaxLair and a trip back to PaxLair. The Gatekeeper led the group to Oberon Pass where it revealed a building of evil corruption, along with some words from The Gatekeeper. (News)
Aug 24, 2000 PaxLair and Humility, Felucca Involved Quest Apprehending Zandrum: Zandrum, an evil mage, took up refuge in the Terathon Keep. A disasterous advance ensued with many slain in the party. In the end, Zandrum was brought back to Humility where there was a ritual and then put out of the people's misery. (News1, News 2)
Jul 26, 2000 PaxLair, Felucca Random Sighting The Gatekeeper appeared next to the Spring of Courage in PaxLair. It seemed to have come, perhaps attracted by recent carnages and chaos within the Realm. What its true purpose is, no one knows. (News)
May 8, 2000 Skara Brae Councelor GuildHall, Felucca Involved Quest The Old Knight: Johari [=G=], of the Alliance against the Minax Invasions, met the Old Knight and learned more of what the Old Knight's presence in the land meant: "Old Knight explained that his purpose here in our time is to teach and inspire, not lead." (News)
May 4, 2000 Crossroads Fortress, Felucca Involved Quest The Old Knight: The Old Knight appeared when a large group of people called out to him. This group included: Altrezor, Benito, Cedrick Dionis, CowMaster, Don Martin, Donovan Argyle, Emmeril, Glanor, Hyrit, Johari, Kyleria Dawn, Ruglug, Seer Sannio, Stormchaser, Winfield,and Zanthor. The Old Knight told many tales of three Knights of Shiragor (Sir Chadsturn, Madam Lunthia, and Sir Tarquelle. He then explained much about Shiragor, a place beyond the Realm where old Knights are united. (News)
May 2, 2000 PaxLair, Felucca Involved Quest The Old Knight: While many may not know it, The Old Knight of Shiragor is well known to The Gatekeeper. The Old Knight met Mayor Winfield of PaxLair at the Crossroads Fortress and invited him to bring his Knights of PaxLair to the Fortress. (News)

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