The Gatekeeper at an Orc House in PaxLair
The Gatekeeper at an Orc House in PaxLair

The Gatekeeper is constantly in search of establishments in the Realm for he may need to appear at such a place. An establishment, according to The Gatekeeper, is a city, town, major shop, or a place of regular gathering. It must be a physical location with an operating government, guild, or leadership along with regular activities at the establishment.

Why does The Gatekeeper care about establishments? For a few reasons:

  1. It uses the establishments to assess the balance of the Realm.
  2. It can find adventurers who may be needed to assist it in times of need.
  3. It is interested in the nature of beings in the Realm and may observe at times.

If you wish to have your establishment added/removed or want to provide updated information, contact The Gatekeeper at

Balance Assessment Last Updated: July 21, 2004
Name Weekly Events (all times are Eastern U.S. Time) Location & Comments Balance
Chesapeake Community Assoc. See CCA Calendar Trammel : Skara Brae Community Center unknown
Concordia Adventure: Sat, 9:00PM (still happening?) Trammel : unknown
Dragons Watch Meeting & Event: Sun, 6:00PM
Hunt: Wed, 9:30PM
Felucca : unknown
Gate to The Underworld Quest: random (check messenger at Gate) Trammel : Gatekeeper Introduction GOOD
Started Jul 1, 2004
Mythndale Gathering: Wed, 8:00PM Trammel : unknown
Nidaros Meeting: Tue, 9:30PM (bi-weekly, starting July 20, 2004) Trammel : unknown
PaxLair Meeting: Mon, 8:30PM
Adventure: Thu, 9:00PM
Felucca : GOOD
Started Jul 8, 2004
Red Wolf Cafe
(Fellowship of Virtue)
Event: Mon, 9:00PM Trammel : Information Assessing
Started Jul 20, 2004
Silvervale Doom Hunt: Tue, 9:00PM at Drunken Bull Roadhouse [DBx]
Gathering: Fri, 8:00PM at Drunken Bull Roadhouse [DBx]
Poetry: Fri, 9:00 PM at Idun Syn's Theatre
Trammel : unknown

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