1. Gatekeeper quests are conducted at your own risk. The Gatekeeper is not responsible for your character death, loss of goods, pets, or treasures. Gatekeeper quests may be conducted on all facets of the Chesapeake Shard.

2. The Gatekeeper can not control the actions of others on Gatekeeper quests. If other players harass you (as defined by UO Harassment Policy and Rules of Conduct) during a quest, personally contact a GameMaster yourself.

3. The Gatekeeper is not obligated to give physical rewards for completing or participating in a quest.

4. The Gatekeeper is not an Electronic Arts or UO employee and is not an Event Manager or GameMaster.

5. The Gatekeeper is not obligated to lead a quest whenever you desire. Likewise, players are not obligated to participate in a quest.

6. Gatekeeper quests are player events.

7. The Gatekeeper is guildmaster of the guild called "The Underworld (U_W)". Verification of The Gatekeeper character can be made if its guild title is displayed or by traveling with The Gatekeeper to its Gate to The Underworld where it can display its title.

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