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Gate is Balanced
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Home arrow Gate is Balanced 22 September 2023

The Gate is currently Balanced between Good and Evil.

The Gatekeeper may be resting or simply wandering the Realm or in the Underworld.  He does not seem concerned at the moment.


Latest Quests:

August 17, 2005.  Valtos the Void stole a powerful lantern from the Underworld to gather evil energy.  If the lantern became full, and would stay lit, he could have used it to complete his own Gate to the Underworld.  If he ever completes his Gate, much evil would constantly pour into the Realm and could not be stopped.  Fortunately, a team of very capable people managed to kill off the evil in Ilshenar that was feeding the stolen lantern.  Valtos had to then release the seemingly useless lantern to the people.  They then returned it to the Gatekeeper's Gate to the Underworld, the one that keeps the balance in the Realm.  Each person received a lantern crafted in the Underworld of slightly less power.  However, Valtos must never obtain more than five of these people's lanterns or he can craft his own powerful lantern and complete his Gate.


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